Immediate Needs

1) Monthly financial support
2) Souls Saved, and Churches and Pastors Encouraged

Long Term Needs

1) Please pray for physical and spiritual strength as we travel 300 days a year and travel thousands of miles.
2) Please pray that God will meet the financial needs of this ministry.
The Mattingly Family is a mission ministry sent out by Westwood Missionary Baptist Church in Winter Haven, FL. As such, we believe in the individual giving tithes to their local church as we do ours. If the Lord leads you to give either by a one time or occasional offering or by monthly support, we ask you give that after your tithes. Any and all offerings can either be sent to:

Westwood Missionary Baptist Church                   OR                         By clicking the "Donate" button below
                                    Attn: Mattingly Family
                                        3210 Ave G NW
                                   Winter Haven, FL 33880