Jimmy Augusta

Born: March 30 in Harrison AR 
Anniversary: August 17, 1974 
Salvation: at the age of 12 
Position: Lead and Baritone
Hobby: Reading
Family: Wife: Ruby, Children: Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Rebekah, Rachel, Ruth Ann,
Jonathan, Grandchildren: Rose Anna, Micah, AJ, Josiah, Hadassah, Dorcas, Abraham, Hezekiah,
Enoch, Moriah, James, Ezekiel, Bashan, Jabez and Malachi, Alannah, Damaris, Haley
What do you like about traveling? Encouraging churches and families as we minister
together as a family.
What do you dislike about traveling? being away from married children and grandchildren


Place to eat: Ryan’s
Groups: Inspirations, Rochesters
Song: Acquainted with Grace
Snack: Sugar Free Cookies 
Food: meatloaf  and potatoes
Season: Spring
Color: Blue
Scripture: 2nd Timothy 3:16
Who has inspired you in your life? My Father